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Counseling Reservation

To answer to your questions, our doctor consult you.
Specialized doctor will address your worries and requests. Please feel free to make a reservation.
■ For reservation, you need to enter your personal information.
■ We never make a telephone sales by using given personal information. Please rest assured.
■ When visiting our clinic, please visit with a Japanese speaking person.
* If you have set domain-specific reception for e-mail,
please set so that you can receive the following domain.
If you have medical history or currently using drugs as specified below, the elderly (over 70 years of age),
or pregnant/breastfeeding, we may refuse your treatment or surgery. We appreciate your understanding.

◎Medical history
Hypertension, Diabetes, Asthma, Epilepsy, Advanced obesity (BMI 30 or more),
Heart disease, Atopy, Brain disease, Psychiatric disease, Connective tissue
disease, Respiratory disease, Renal dysfunction, Liver dysfunction,
and Blood disease
◎Drugs in use
Steroids, Immunosuppressive agents, Anticoagulants,
anti-platelet agents (medicines to thin the blood)
* You need to fulfill all blanks.
Content of Consultation
Out-Patient Clinic for Short Stature in Children  PRP-GOLD
Name   * E.g. John Smith
Gender male  female
Age years of age
* Please enter in one-byte number.
E-mail Address   * E.g. /
E-mail Address (re-enter)   * Please re-enter for confirmation.
Phone Number   * E.g. / 090-1234-1234
Since we will call you for confirming the reservation,
please enter your mobile-phone number if you can.
If you do not have mobile phone, please enter your home phone number.
Remarks  Please write your requests and questions freely.